Alumni are the blood and sweat and tears of what has come before.

Dear Alumni,

The Alumni Advisor positions are currently vacant! We are looking for a minimum of two motivated individuals to fill these rolls.

All Alumni of our club are highly encouraged to join our chapter of the Electric Auto Association. Click on "Join us", and spend only $35 a year to be an advocate for the future of motion!

We are putting together an Alumni advisory to the Electric Vehicle Club here, to have a minimum of two people, and it will act as both a public relations effort and a source of valued knowledge and a link to our history. Of course, money is always there as that necessary force, and a big part of the Alumni Advisor's duties shall be to seek out funds and put together fundraising efforts for our current projects.

These duties are as follows:

1) Public Relations: You will put together the Alumni news blurb in some form, either through a Newsletter, Facebook Post, Snapchat snaps, etc. You will encourage all Alumni to join the CWUEVC as members of the Electric Auto Association. Basic chapter memberships are 35 dollars a year, and open to all members of the community. You will also promote our events, and ensure that all Alumni are aware of any that we are either planning on attending or hosting.

2) Knowledge: You will provide the club with knowledge of the prior efforts in our projects, and will act as a source of information in our other endeavours, including especially the Proposed projects.

3) History: You will provide us with the legacy of our club that might have been forgotten to time. Every member who has ever contributed to this club in some way will be recognized.

4) Money: You will organize Non-Profit fundraising campaigns both among the Alumni and in the Professional marketplace. You will approach sponsors representing the interests of the Club.

5) Legacy: You will be responsible for nominating the Alumni of the Year.

With Humble Thanks,

Guylaen O'Connor,