The Private Enterprise Working Group:

Local business owners and managers dedicated to the future of motion.

Our species is on the verge of extinction, and this is the first time in our history in which we have the technological advantages to overcome this fate.

The Private Enterprise Working Group (PEWG), a function of the Central Washington University Electric Vehicle Club, has a Primary Representative who will report once a month to the CWUEVC.

There will be at a minimum five members of this working group, each of them will be business owners here in Ellensburg. As VOLUNTEER members of the working group, they will each be assigned specific tasks to accomplish within the local area Private Enterprise community in order to facilitate AND accelerate the Electrification of Ellensburg.

The PEWG will also be responsible for our nonprofit fundraising campaigns at the business level. The majority of these tasks will be outside of meeting times. The Primary Representative will then report your progress back to the WIEVA once a month.

The PEWG will also be directed to recruit from within the business community to become active members of the PEWG.