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It all started with some coronavirus bullsh*t. Now we're on the mic forever.

021: CHELSEA (not the football club)

Chelsea Sexton is an awesome human, and her accolades in the EV industry are renowned the world over. Co-founder of Plug In America, former Sales associate at Saturn, and a member of the sales team at EV1 - she was featured in the famous documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car."

She is now the US presenter for Fully Charged.

Note: this episode was recorded before she got her job at the Department of Energy. None of the views expressed here represent the DOE.


Dan Liddle is the founder and CEO of an American Electric Vehicle Charging manufacturer called SplitVolt, but they don't just sell the standard portable plug in chargers (full disclosure, the host uses the SplitVolt NEMA 14-50 in his Nissan Leaf).

The company's big product, the one that separates them from the pack, is called the SplitVolt "Splitter." The Splitvolt Splitter Switch products allow you to save money on electrician fees for adding power circuits to your home, as well as avoiding the time and complexity of the process. Their device saves on all of that by intelligently and automatically sharing power on *existing* 30amp dryer circuits and installation is as simple as plugging in a couple power cords.

Visit them at


Dan Caesar is the Managing Director of FULLY CHARGED. It's only the world's largest electric vehicle youtube channel!!! It's only the one hosted by Bobby Lew (we write it that way because Welsh is hard). Oh, and the dude from Auto Trader hosts sometimes. Oh, and that lady from Who Killed the Electric Car. Yeah, Fully Charged does it right.

Fully Charged isn't owned by a soap company, which means they'll never have to say a good thing about a product they don't like. They tell us what's really happening in the world.

Dan has been with the channel since 2016. Find their awesome stuff - including their own podcast - at


Jordan Brompton is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of MyEnergi, an energy solutions company in the United Kingdom.

They have several products, one of which is the Zappi electric vehicle home charger. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation. Increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, the zappi is easy to install and user friendly.

Visit them at to learn more.


Matt Teske is is the CEO and Founder of Chargeway, an electric vehicle charging solutions company. They do not manufacture chargers, but they make the process of charging easier to understand. Visit their website and download the app at

016: GO, GO ZERO!

Chris Hazell is with Zero EV UK, a business to business EV solutions garage in the United Kingdom.

Find them at

Matthew McClellan is a graduated student from CWU, of the Sustainability Certificate Program.


Joel Levin is the Director of Plug In America.

Plug In America is a California-based nonprofit that educates and advocates for Electric Vehicles (EVs), accelerating the transition of America away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

Find them at


KATE WALTON ELLIOT is a really cool awesome person. You may have seen her on Transport Evolved, or at least you've DEFINITELY seen an episode she's been a part of. She hails from Britain, where Susie Dent will haunt you if you end a sentence in a preposition like we just did. and she made the journey to America about a decade ago.

You know Jonny Smith, formerly of the CarPervert of the Fully Charged, and of the Fifth Gear, who changed the name of his show to a really lame name of the LateBrakeShow? Remember his little tiny car that he snagged up the land speed record for? KATE SOLD HIM THAT CAR.

Kate ALSO has several of her own fully functioning conversion projects - the Morris is our favorite, because if we close our eyes, we can pretend that it's the only Morris thing in the world, and forget that Morris Dancing ever existed at all. Ah, that ones a knee-slapper. Like they slap their kneeeees in... ohmygod, make it stop.

WHEN SHE ISN'T WORKING ON EV'S, SHE's SAVING LIVES IN AS A NURSE. But we barely talked about that, because lame - who wants to hear more about Covid? Ugh.

Transport Evolved:


Oz Qurershi is the Program Director at Mind Drive.

MindDrive is an after school and educational organization in Kansas City, Missouri, focusing on several primary activity focus areas; Electric Vehicle conversions, electrathon racing, battlebots, welding, coding, and drone racing.

Visit them at


Adam Lancing is the Founder and CEO of Hawkeye Innovations LLC, an Electric Vehicle Conversion garage and service in Plano, Texas, outside of Dallas.

He is a protege of John Waylands, but has made a name enough for himself to take the reins and run with them. He performed his first conversion when he was only 16 years old, an old Toyota Celica - which he eventually found himself presenting to Jay Leno in Jay’s Garage.

Hawkeye is coming out with a brand spanking new thing, called the SCM - the Systems Control Module - which is having its official product launch TOMORROW, Friday the 24th of July.


011: IT'S ALIVE!

John Waylands is the great mind behind PlasmaBoy Racing and the White Zombie, an old white Datsun converted to fully electric and taken on the drag strip to win the land speed record.

The White Zombie is simply LEGEND!

John Waylands is also a co-founder of the National Electric Drag Racing Association, and the Wayland Invitational.


Sean Mitchell is a youtube channel host who covers Electric Vehicles, Tesla, and related technology developments in the marketplace.

His website is

Interview starts at 9 minutes.


Russell Corbin is the Student Chapter Development Liaison for the Electric Auto Association, and is a student at Pomona College in California. He grew up in the DC Metro area, and he has never owned any vehicle other than a Battery Electric Vehicle.

As always, our podcast can be found at

Podcast recommendations for Black Lives Matter content:

Pod Save the People


What Matters


The United States Army Futures Command in Austin is one of the four non-combatant commands in the Army, and its Futures and Concepts Center is located in Fort Eustis, Virginia. The team on the show today are those individuals in the Army that are actively working on bringing Electrification to the Army's battlefield fleet.

Pterodactyl is a program of the Central Washington University Electric Vehicle Club, and we are a chapter of the Electric Auto Association.

The podcast's website is at


SemaConnect is a manufacturer of Level 2 Public EVSEs.

EVSE stands for "Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment"

(the super fancy name for an EV Charger, which is the Electric version of a gas pump.)

A "Public Charger," is a Level 2 EVSE that is designed for harsh elements, bad weather, protection against theft and vandalism, and internet connectivity. As opposed to a "home charger," which is designed to be installed in a garage or near your home.

To charge at any SemaConnect public charger, simply open up the PlugShare App and find your charger. To find out more about installing SemaConnect at your location, go to

Eric Smith is the SemaConnect Regional Manager for the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Hawaii.

*There are some background noises and for a couple of minutes around 1:12:00, the volume goes in and out. NO APOLOGIES.


00:00 = Benjamin Cooley, Club Treasurer, updates us on the Wotorbikle02:50 = "Halle Berry" talks about the 1996 film Race the Sun03:58 = Announcements05:56 = What is Sema Connect?07:45 = Why does it cost so much? ~ Outside chargers come with weather and risk ~ Reliable Internet Connectivity10:30 = What about Level 3?12:36 = The Consumer Mindset ~Does the consumer even care? ~ Expectations vs. reality15:41 = How big is your team? Where do you live?18:56 = The community lifestyle19:17 = small talk about Real Estate19:54 = Career path avenues ~ A day in the life21:20 = Sema Connect makes the software AND hardware21:49 = What does it take to get a unit installed? ~ Praise for the WWU installation23:22 = WHESC and CWU Sustainability Office24:51 = Is your company an environmental company or a technology company? ~ The "Power" of government ~ Oil as Foreign Policy, and when oil rules our heart of darkness29:00 = How to fight back ~ "There is no monopoly on the sun"30:18 = Oil is not sustainable, nor efficient ~ Oil is the alt. fuel31:55 = A sense of purpose and innovation34:55 = Game: "Charge Me Up" ~ Plus, the robot revolution is nigh37:37 = Are EVs better? ~ Avoiding misinformation39:15 = Dispelling the energy grid myths (with all respect to coal)41:30 = The self sufficiency of islands ~ Why Hawaii?44:28 = What's it like crossing the border? Do you plan to expand beyond North America?46:51 = How do I convince my University to install EVSEs? ~ Why EV Drivers don't complain49:55 = The re-birth of the CWUEVC54:32 = What is the coolest EV you've ever driven?57:06: Talking Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy58:13 = Do you drive an EV? ~ "Buy mature tech, lease changing tech."1:03:55 = The Wildcat Racing Team as an avenue of Engineering concepts1:04:55 = Conversions are mature tech ~ It is cheaper1:06:54 = The Second life of recycled batteries ~ Sending an EV to the dump ~ Jehu Garcia1:11:40 = Does Sema Connect work with utilities?1:13:19 = Inspirational quote1:14:10 = Do your chargers need an App to charge? ~ The PlugShare App1:16:26 = Interoperability of charging1:17:22 = Data collection and privacy rights ~ The Great Hack ~ "Personal data has a higher value than oil."1:22:07 = The problem with "free charging"1:28:08 = EV drivers do not all charge at the same time1:31:47 = What is the greatest adventure you've had in an EV?1:35:41 = What are you most fearful of? What are you most hopeful for?1:39:38 = Epilogue


The Limiting Factor is a youtube channel covering advancements in battery technologies in the fields of both Electric Vehicles and grid energy storage. Find The Limiting Factor on YouTube at THE LIMITING FACTOR.

When I recorded this interview, he had 14 thousand subscribers. He is currently at 16.6 thousand, and rapidly growing.

You can follow him on Twitter @LimitingThe

Want More? Check out this podcast video bonus content!

(The stuff you can't hear in the audio version.)


00:00 ∞ "Carl Sagan" speaks on spacetime.2:04 ∞ Announcements03:34 ∞ The Mustache in the room06:39 ∞ What is "The Limiting Factor"? ~ Why New Zealand? ~ Why did you start a YouTube channel11:16 ∞ What video editing software do you use?11:40 ∞ Do you own a Tesla?12:59 ∞ Audio editing software14:46 ∞ The Do-It-Yourself battery movement ~ What does a "Million Mile Battery mean?"16:12 ∞ JB Straubel's racing days17:20 ∞ Small-town living, weather, wind power, and Wellington22:24 ∞ Elon and Tesla ~ What would you do if Elon went full Charlie Sheen?24:56 ∞ Are Elon's fans "Cult Members"?26:45 ∞ Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy29:13 ∞ Keeping up with Battery Developments32:09 ∞ Solving the world's energy demand33:46 ∞ Wallbox's "Star-Trek" themed EV Chargers34:27 ∞ Game - "John B. Goodenough"38:58 ∞ Have you been motivated to live sustainably?39:48 ∞ Is New Zealand a Continent?42:18 ∞ Making the world a better place through technology.43:41 ∞ Do you believe in Humanity?45:23 ∞ Batteries are REALLY complicated.54:05 ∞ Battery Developer Profiles58:30 ∞ How do you make money?1:01:05 ∞ New Zealand perspectives on China vs. America1:06:15 ∞ New Zealand, where nothing hurts you1:09:32 ∞ Talking about Lord of the Rings (you can't do a podcast about New Zealand without talking about LOTR, it's the law)1:12:09 ∞ What was your greatest adventure?1:16:02 ∞ What do you fear the most? What are you most hopeful for?1:19:07 ∞ Epilogue


Solar is happening.

Energy Pal is a solar and home battery storage consulting company that operates entirely online. They are based out of Canada, but they have companies in both the United States and Canada. If you have a roof, and are even just THINKING about solar, they won't charge you to answer their questions. Visit for more.


00:00 ∞ "Scottish Mel Gibson's" Monologue02:43 ∞ Announcements04:47 ∞ What is EnergyPal?16:57 ∞ Integrating Solar with Electric Vehicles19:49 ∞ What happens when it's cloudy?21:42 ∞ Do you need three-phase?22:56 ∞ Do you need a second home battery?24:11 ∞ The Next Evolution of solar batteries26:19 ∞ Elon and Joe Rogan28:05 ∞ Planet of the Humans ~ The worst documentary ever made? ~ Dispelling the myths44:57 ∞ Game - "The Great Escape."50:15 ∞ Does Energy Pal work with Vehicle to Grid?51:43 ∞ Turbine technologies54:38 ∞ Career opportunities56:18 ∞ The Name change57:51 ∞ Do you drive an EV?57:59 ∞ Advancements and new technologies in solar1:03:04 ∞ Your greatest adventure1:07:11 ∞ What do you fear the most? What are you most hopeful for?1:10:14 ∞ Epilogue


This episode was entirely unscripted.

Kia is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Their current Battery Electric Vehicle lineup includes the Kia Soul EV, and the Kia E-Niro. By the year 2025, they will have a lineup of 11 pure BEV vehicles for sale. Is this a great leap forward, or too little too late?

Neil Dunlop works for Kia North America. Subscribe to the podcast at all of our fine distribution platforms above, and remember to give us a good rating!

*Point of contention:

"As the President of this club, I do not accept that there is any such thing as an "efficient engine" for gasoline, they are ALL inefficient - and it does not matter where you get the electricity from; EVs are still cleaner, plus they are a gateway to cleaner energy sources. But keep listening - there are some really good thoughts in here."

"Electric Vehicles are superior in every way, in my opinion, to ICE vehicles." - Neil Dunlop


00:00 ~ "Justin Bieber" talks about his Fisker Karma02:36 ~ Announcements04:08 ~ Is Kia moving fast enough?08:45 ~ CES stories. What is an "autobus?"11:27 ~ Robots and the new mobility paradigm13:51 ~ Kia Soul EV gets World Car of the Year16:13 ~ What's up with Batteries?18:00 ~ Talking cars21:20 ~ EV's are better22:25 ~ Guy's camping nightmare23:37 ~ The Icarus metaphor32:24 ~ The burden of choice and Plato's Cave41:55 ~ What are you most afraid of? What are you most hopeful for?45:24 ~ What's it like being the PR guy?49:12 ~ Career path avenues52:02 ~ The Wildcat Racing Team56:18 ~ Upcoming Events and the effects of COVID59:19 ~ Inspirational quote1:01:01 ~ Epilogue


Jared B. Adams is the Chief Communications Officer for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. If there is any scientific frontier, then DARPA is there. DARPA is an Agency of the United States Department of Defence, meaning that their mandate is to come up with inventions and discoveries that will assist the military.

DARPA can be found at


00:00 ~ "Lorne Michaels" drops by the studio to give us a piece of his mind.02:36 ~ Announcements04:53 ~ What is DARPA?08:45 ~ Game - "DARPA, or You-Wish-You-Were-DARPA!"17:26 ~ Attaching guilt, and the nature of invention18:59 ~ A day in the life at DARPA22:26 ~ DARPA and Electric Vehicles24:50 ~ DARPA's relationship to other institutions28:50 ~ DARPA and the private sector30:04 ~ DARPA and outer space31:55 ~ Is your life affected by DARPA?32:57 ~ DARPA's coolest things35:47 ~ The Baker Electric, and the early days of EV38:58 ~ The Supply Chain Problem41:20 ~ Career Path Avenues43:53 ~ DARPA and undergraduate studies46:35 ~ We Pitch some ideas to DARPA!49:22 ~ Does DARPA retrofit current tech?51:01 ~ Tools can be used for both good and bad55:53 ~ How conspiracy theories are created58:43 ~ The private vehicles of the military1:00:23 ~ Carrington Events and EMP recovery1:03:09 ~ What do DARPA employees drive?1:07:00 ~ Guy's conversions1:07:53 ~ The Wildcat Racing Team1:13:21 ~ Epilogue


Chris Ramsey is a wonderful delight to speak to, the Electric Vehicle Adventurer, EV Educator, and Founder of Plug In Adventure. You can find all of his glorious adventures documented at

Follow him on Twitter @pluginadventure

Support the World Wildlife Federation!

Chris and Julie Ramsey want you to donate to the World Wildlife Federation. If Julie Ramsey can dress up as a panda to drink tea in a bazarin the middle of Kazakhstan, then you can donate five dollars to save a real panda. Go to

Dubstep Light by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


00:00 ~ Introduction and Announcements01:50 ~ What is Plug In Adventure? Who is Chris Ramsey?07:07 ~ Haggis and Burns' Night08:19 ~ The Edinburg to Monte Carlo Rally08:44 ~ Driving through political turmoil and warzones10:18 ~ How is an adventure funded?11:47 ~ The irony of Big Oil divesting itself from Oil13:48 ~ Game - "Breaking the Record"16:09 ~ Cars are Magic, Chris's profound moments18:45 ~ The EV Community19:24 ~ Guy's best adventure in a vehicle22:01 ~ The Mongol Rally route25:55 ~ The World Wildlife Federation27:15 ~ Social Media plugs29:02 ~ Dealerships and EVs30:13 ~ Is Nissan losing its status as a leader in EV?34:14 ~ What is "RapidGate"?36:11 ~ Stories from CES37:43 ~ What happened to Ecotricity?42:40 ~ The Orkney Islands, and Island power generation45:20 ~ Charging Standards47:27 ~ Defending Ecotricity ~ CCS vs. Chademo51:58 ~ How EV Chargers got to Kazakhstan57:10 ~ EV Chargers are spreading across Siberia ~ What it was like before there were any59:13 ~ The Adventure lifestyle59:48 ~ The Nissan Leaf's retrofits1:02:36 ~ Batteries and Weight vs. Power ratios1:07:25 ~ The Do-It-Yourself movement ~ Converting vehicles from gasoline to battery electric1:17:54 ~ Final Thoughts1:25:38 ~ Epilogue


During this Quarantine and Lockdown, we decided to pass the time being stuck inside by making a podcast for all of you to enjoy! This is our inaugural episode, the very first one! And we've had so much fun doing it that we will probably keep doing this podcast long after the Quarantine ends.


  • We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

  • Tom Hanks gives a special comforting message to all the little boys and girls???

  • Club President Guylaen O'Connor and Club Secretary Chase Dolan chat for well over an hour about EVERYTHING EV.

  • Note: this episode was re-edited on Friday, May 8th.