Clarkson V. Llywelyn:

A Battle of Quick Wits.

Date and time TBD

One hates electric vehicles, and gets paid ungodly amounts of money every time he says it. Jeremy Clarkson, a largely underrated and often misquoted miscreant of automotive entertainment industry legend, was fired by Top Gear, and now along with his brio [trio of bros] of cohorts runs a highly successful show on Amazon Prime called The Grand Tour.

The other loves electric vehicles, and thinks that fossil fuel vehicles should be taken into the back yard and shot to die forever, just like the dinosaurs they consume. Robert Llewellyn, a veteran entertainer and comedian of the highest order, who played "Crichton," the loveable robot on the BBC show Red Dwarf, has been hosting a YouTube channel called FullyCharged for nearly a decade.

To be clear: we haven't asked them yet.

They're going to do this, they just don't know it yet.

The purpose of this project is to work with the CWU Car Club, ASME at CWU, and the ASCWU to bring these two titans of the industry here to this campus for a once-in-a-lifetime night of riotous laughter, serious debate, and an introspective look at our society. The THRILLA IN VANILLA: A BATTLE OF QUICK WITS.

Fully Charged is a YouTube Channel dedicated to Electric Vehicles and EV infrastructure, and they have 71+ Million Views. 508k active subscribers. They also host live events around the world, including Fully Charged Live USA in Austin, Texas where CWU EVC will be this February.

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When Clarkson, May, Hammond, and Andy Wilman left their BBC Show, Top Gear, they immediately negotiated a contract with Amazon Prime for a new show called The Grand Tour. It was a huge success, and the guys were allowed to try a lot of things that the BBC would never have allowed them to do. Like pleasuring a horse.

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