Sponsor Our Club!

Dear Future Sponsor,

I would like to think that we are humble here at the Central Washington University Electric Vehicle Club. We understand, and I hope that you do as well, that none of our efforts would be possible without you. We truly and extremely value the time and effort that you have put in to make it or break it, and we understand how hard it is to break bones and smash faces as you climb to the top of the business world and become king of the Hill. Insert your own quirky business metaphor here.

We are creating here the future of motion, and we're doing it now. Your money will be put to good use. In addition to the Sponsorship Tiers that you see on the Sponsorship page, you can also Sponsor or Donate to any singular project that lies within the vested interests of your company. I cannot at this time offer you a perfect picture breakdown of our budget allocations and the percentages of where each dollar will go, but I can give you the general breakdown as it stands:


    • This means that your money will be used to purchase products and parts for our current vehicles and future vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to; clutches, motors, drivetrains, batteries, wheels, body panels, and more. Our racing events - depending on our budget - might possibly take us all around the world. These are the circuits that we are a part of, or are planning to enter in the future;
        • Electrathon America
        • National Electric Drag Racing Association
          • Motorcycle, Coupe, and Hatchback
        • Formula SAE - Electric
        • Pikes Peak Hill Climb
        • Paris-Dakar Rally (Intensive independent study abroad)


      • We desperately need to advance the culture of EVs in this town, and especially design, build, and install more chargers. One idea we've had is to construct chargers designed like antique gas pumps, complete with globes at the top. How cool would that be?
      • We need to accelerate the transition of society to from antiquated technologies like Hybrids and ICE vehicles to fully Electric and Hydrogen, which means that we will be starting up a community conversion program in a garage space in Downtown Ellensburg (depending on our funds, hopefully in the old Darigold building loading bay on the corner of 3rd and Water).
      • We would like to host conferences and events here at this university to include;
          • CWU "Sea-Woo" Vroom-Vroom, a national event: car shows, drag races, spin events
          • Police Officer's Electric Vehicle Summit: an event specifically designed for members of the law enforcement community to encounter the future of motion, and what it means for the future of law enforcement. This event will also be open to other members of the emergency response community.
      • We will work with our Satellite campuses to create sister programs and projects that will work in-conjunction with the main campus.
      • We will donate 10% of ALL donations, sponsorships, and other funds, to our "Low Income" projects;
          • Low income community access to Electric Vehicles
          • Low income access to renewable energies
          • Emergency weather response powerbank and solar placement
      • For more, please visit our PROJECTS page.

Marketing, networking, and promotion.

      • We have a YouTube Channel! We are going to build this channel out to act as a conduit for the motto of our university: "Docendo Domiscus," by teaching, we learn. The general community still has a great lack of knowledge and understanding about electric vehicles, what they are, and how they work. This YouTube channel will also double as a venue to cover live events such as races, tell the story of how our club works, inform the audience about everything we have planned, and act as an entertaining form of Marketing and Promotion. But it's free to own a YouTube channel, right? Not exactly.
          • Videos take up a lot of storage space, so we need to purchase a portable hard drive that can be connected to the cloud and accessed from anywhere - a place to keep those extremely large video files.
          • We also want to get celebrities to come onto our channel and do fun, quirky things with us - and some of them will only do it if they receive compensation for their time.
      • Our website domain costs 13 dollars per year. We also use Google Sites - which is free.
      • We need to travel to trade shows, conferences, and other events in our industry in order to network, meet sponsors face-to-face, and gain great knowledge from the innovators in our community. Some of the events we have on the schedule - depending on our budget - for the 2019 - 2020 / 2020 - 2021 fiscal years are;
          • CES 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada [CONFIRMED]
          • Fully Charged Live USA, Austin, Texas [CONFIRMED]
          • Electrifying Cities, Manchester, UK [TENTATIVE]
          • Nordic EV Summit, Oslo, Norway
          • EV World Congress, Bristol, UK
          • Australian Electric Vehicle Expo, Sydney, Australia
          • International Conference on Hybrids and Electric Vehicles, Abu Dhabi, Dubai
          • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Technology Symposium, Pasadena, California
          • Motor and Magnetic Expo, Shenzhen, China

This truly is a global effort, and we will do what we can to make sure that we are on top of the current trends from all over the world, and that NOT A SINGLE MINUTE of our time, or your money - is wasted. As Newtonian physics laid out in law hundreds of years ago - objects in motion tend to stay in motion. We are the future of motion, and it all starts with just a single step.

The Electric Auto Association, our parent organization, is scheduled as a 501c3. Sponsorships can be considered to be charitable donations if donated through their webpage. The CWU Foundation is also scheduled as a 501c3, but we are not currently set up to receive donations through their website.

Thank You,

Guylaen O'ConnorPresidentCentral Washington University Electric Vehicle ClubA Chapter of the Electric Auto Association.