CWU Electric Vehicle Club

A college campus chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association.
In Ellensburg, Washington, USA



To be an advocate for the future of motion, and the future is electric.

To be a community of purpose-driven advocates for driving electric, electric vehicle infrastructure, and electric vehicle autosport.

To provide a public engagement forum where anyone can learn about the future of motion.


a multi-faceted approach to the future of motion:


Reema Juffali, the first woman in Saudi Arabia to get a Driver's Licence, who loved it so much she became a Formula Race Car Driver, drove in the Jaguar I-Pace all-electric series.

Since 2007, Our Racing Team has participated in the Electrathon America racing circuit. We build, maintain, and race 100% electric vehicles against other schools and universities across the nation. We always remember one thing above all else - WILDCATS LEAD THE WAY!


Robert Llewellyn, the world's largest Electric Mobility youtuber, and friend of the Club.

In the Fall of 2019, we expanded our mission and purpose from just being a team of Racecar Drivers - we still do that because it's a helluva lot of fun - to include being advocates for driving all-electric.

We're dedicated to Climate Action, and we dedicate ourselves to engineering a better future. Our "Projects" page (the one ABOVE CWU Vroom Vroom in the menu) lists all of the proposals we have to push that ball forward.

We host public speaker series, conferences, lectures, information sessions, and educational activities to develop, maintain, and sustain the EV culture both here at CWU and in the regional community at large.


Rich Benoit, the guy who frankensteined two salvaged Teslas and created the Electrified Garage.

We are Central's chapter of the Electric Auto Association, the world's largest and longest-running advocacy organization for Electric Vehicles.

We also are a collaborative community working on personal conversion projects, such at the STARFIGHTER X.

We work in cooperation with the CWU Car Club to host car shows, cars and coffee, and we are working on our first big event this year called "CWU VROOM VROOM."